The Design Studio — Where your Imagination Comes to Life

Countertops, cabinets, and flooring are always top of mind when you are buying a new home —but what about the grout? Have you considered your kitchen faucet?  Then imagine having your options and the detailed finishes — including the newest flooring selections, light fixtures all the way down to wiring for the latest innovative tech products and appliances — at your fingertips. Future Cook Residential homeowners do!

Our industry experts spend hours and are proud of ensuring that our design studio is equipped with the latest products designed to fit your home. We offer you the opportunity to choose finishes and options that make your house a home and updated to the newest industry standards! Sounds perfect, right?

The bottom line — when you visit the Cook Residential Design Studio — your new home buying process is about to become an experience like none other.  You become a part of the process so that your new home reflects your taste, personality, and family.  You don’t have to worry about the fact that you are going to need to remodel the kitchen or bathroom once you move in. From design trends, the best in Samsung Appliances, and even getting your home surround sound ready — our design center team is here.


From Inspiration to Foundation

To begin designing, you’ll start with a basic floor plan and customize it with our studio team. Your floor plan provides the simple boundaries from which you’ll be able to imagine everything else. In this stage of the process, we develop and finalize a purchase agreement with you.

Visualize your dream home

In your first appointment with a design studio specialist, you’ll preview the features and selections that come into play when building a custom home. All you need to bring is an open mind. We’ll take our time and answer any questions you may have.

Make it yours

Once you’ve had time to consider the structure and appearance of your home in greater depth, a closer consultation at the design studio will help you to consider all options available to you.

What to Expect

We really want to make your visit to our Design Center a fun experience! We provide your family with 2 hours of one on one consultation so you can get the most out of your new home!  We know you will love your home more when that home reflects your taste and family lifestyle.

That is why our design center team is made up of members that are experienced with helping multitudes of families decorate and design their homes.  They strive to make the entire process and enjoyable as possible because they know how overwhelming it can truly be for those who aren’t used to having to pick out all of the details at once.  The goal of this visit is to design your home to go beyond your initial expectations and so you know what you are getting from the beginning.

Samsung Appliance Collection | Design Studio | Cook Residential

Featuring the Samsung Appliance Collection in our Design Studio at Cook Residential

What’s Your Budget?

We know that every family has a different set of circumstances when it comes to buying a home.  However, there are a couple of things that remain true with everyone.  Do you have cash in the bank to pay for your upgrades?  Do you qualify to finance those upgrades?  We highly encourage you to speak to your mortgage professional prior to visiting the design center to understand your cash flow and financing ability when selecting additional upgrades for you home.  Your loan officer and the Real Estate professional are there to help you understand what upgrades will add value to your home and which ones are cosmetic.  When it comes to your home appraisal – that is important.

Since everyone’s budget is different – our design team wants to make sure they are helping you keep your selections within your reach.  Some “upgrades” cost much more than others.  We want to make sure that you prioritize and stretch those dollars across your home.

When it comes to setting your design budget, be aware that 50% of your design studio selections are due before construction starts. Many of our buyers tend to lean between 10 % – 20% of the cost of their home when making selections in our center.  You are not limited to that range but could spend more or you could spend less. No matter what you decide, the point is that you’re in control of what and how much you spend.

We’re here to help you design your home from standard (no cost) selections to upgraded selections that go toward your budget.  Just ask!

When to Visit

We really would love to be able to host any potential homeowner to our design studio prior to their design appointment, but our experience tells us that sometimes that makes the whole process much harder.  Why?  Because our team knows you are going to have questions that we won’t be there to answer and that can be frustrating.

So instead of visiting to see what we have to offer, we suggest you take a moment to browse our design galleries on our Pinterest Boards, Houzz Pro Site, and gathering things you see online.  However, keep in mind that sometimes that perfect Farmhouse sink you found in Country Living simply may not work in the corner sink area of the floor plan you selected.  That is why our team is an expert on your floor plan and your options.

We do encourage you to bring your favorites with you to your design center appointment.  It gives our team a chance to guide you toward similar selections and assist you in knowing what will work in the spaces your home provides.

Cook Residential in Gainesville, GA on Houzz

Progress Lighting | Design Studio Options | Cook Residential

Progress Lighting | Design Studio Options | Cook Residential

Appointment Day- Are you Ready?

When you arrive at your appointment, have those ideas in hand or send them to your design studio contact ahead of time to ensure your time goes smoothly.  Let us help you use all your research to help guide you and your family to the design selections that make sense.

Suggestions include creating a printed file of examples of things you like from web pages, magazines, and the like to create a visual reference point.  If you are more of an online person, you can create a pinboard on Pinterest or a design page on Houzz to share with our team.  Regardless of what works best for you — creating a file of these inspiration points can directly ensure that our design team has a visual point of reference to understand how to match your personal taste with our design center options.

Another great way to collect ideas is to visit our models and take pictures…LOTS of pictures!  We have decorated model homes in several of our Cook Communities that will give you a real-life idea of how your selections will transform into actual living spaces.  We have different features from flooring, lighting, cabinets, and evening painting selections to provide you ideas throughout our communities. Getting out and visiting can help you get a better idea of colors, collaboration of materials and even finishing textures that your family will like. Visiting our actual homes also gives you a much better understanding of the options you will find available out our Design Studio.

And remember, your appointment is 3 hours of one on one time. That may seem like a lot of time but picking out all the finishes for your home can be time-consuming if you aren’t ready.

Knowing What Elements Keep Their Value

With so many ways to personalize your future home, one of the biggest questions we get is which ones retain their value.  The reality is that once again that depends on you.  If you plan this being your forever home or your final purchase in retirement, then the ones that hold the most value are the traditional elements.  If this is just a short-term stepping stone to a larger home in the future, then considering which of the options will add value when it comes time to sell is important.

Often what people find as valuable changes over time. However, there are some things that you can’t go wrong adding to your new home.


Determining the appropriate lighting accents allows you to set the tone for each room in your house.  The fixtures you incorporate can go a long way to be focal points in the home. More times than not, adding optional lighting components and fixtures turn out to be a sound investment.

Floor coverings

It was the first thing you noticed when you walked into one of our homes and hopefully the first thing you noticed when you visited our decorated model homes.  So is it a key feature of your design center appointment? Absolutely! Hardwoods, tile, upgraded carpeting, even more modern vinyl options for laundry areas – these things add monetary and perceived value to your home. Your floors are also the most used and abuse portion of your home – so prioritize this part of the process to fit your lifestyle.


Check just about any home related site and it will be hard to miss the heavy focus on the kitchen area of any home.  It often becomes a huge central area of how you live and can have a huge return on investment should you ever choose to sell.  Selecting complementary cabinetry, appliances, countertops, backsplash design, and fixtures and residual value and comfort in your new home.


Bathrooms are smaller spaces with big choices.  From stand-up tile showers to tub/shower combinations.  Often the bathroom is one area that you literally have the option re-arrange prior to your build.  Because in the bathroom, the little things can sometimes matter the most.   Choice of flooring, cabinet and countertop selections and the plumbing fixtures are often the focal point.  You may want to only have a walk-in shower with door closure or you might want to upgrade that garden tub to make it your haven- but sometimes just upgrading the shower head gives you the sense of serenity you are hoping to accomplish for less cost.


Although windows are an important feature of your home to provide natural lighting, they are also the one area of your home that you hope to cover soon after move-in.  Window coverings create decorative additions to rooms and offer privacy.  Our design center provides you with options to go ahead and order those coverings for your home so that they will be ready when you move in.  It eliminates the need for you to measure, and provides you the security to move your stuff in your home without everyone seeing your fabulous furnishing!

Prioritize the Most Important

So… where do you start prioritizing?  That truly depends on your family and where your priorities lie at home.  The most important aspects to you and your family might not be the same thing that is important to your friends or relatives. Your family must decide what’s most important for YOUR home. We suggest that you make a list of what you’d like to accomplish in your new home.  You have likely already done this before you started looking for a new home.

Did you ask yourself these questions when choosing your future floorplan?  Do you entertain guests frequently? Did you need more space because your family is growing? Are the teenager’s driving you crazy taking over the living room?  Not enough bathroom space to go around?  Have you considered your pets? Are you planning on reselling your home one day?

Ask these questions now so that you can reference them in your appointment. If you know your husband is going to have the guys over every weekend during football season to watch the game and expects studio quality surround sound — then prewiring your new home for amazing smart technology might be a big priority.  However, if you are trying to keep the adult children from moving back in repeatedly then you might not want that extra bedroom to be so comfortable.  We know your situation is uniquely yours.  So, make sure your appointment accounts for that.

Kitchen Selections | Design Studio | Cook Residential

Bring your Kitchen to Life with Cabinets, Counters, Granite, and Lights in your Design Studio Appointment

Living Room Spaces | Design Studio | Cook Residential

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Design Studio?

The Design Studio is located at our Cook Residential office to provide you the opportunity to fill your brand-new home with personal selections for you and your family. You can meet with our knowledgeable team to help you review hundreds of options available for your home. From the windows to the floors, our team is here to help you walk through this process.

Why do I need to visit the design studio when I purchase a home from Cook Residential?

We want to help your family find as much value as possible in your new home and making sure you like each element of design of that home is essential to your satisfaction.

That is why our design center team is made up of members that are experienced with helping multitudes of families decorate and design their homes.  They strive to make the entire process and enjoyable as possible because they know how overwhelming it can truly be for those who aren’t used to having to pick out all the details at once.  The goal of this visit is to design your home to go beyond your initial expectations and so you know what you are getting from the beginning.

When can we get started?

As soon as we go binding on the contract, we want you to schedule an appointment within 5 days! So what are you waiting for?

Can I finance my home’s options and upgrades?

In some cases, yes. Ask your Mortgage Loan Officer about what you qualify for when purchasing your new home. You’ll typically want to set aside 10-20 percent of the purchase price for design options.

How long does it typically take?

Our appointments last for 3 hours in our design center, picking out your finishes and options for your home. That may seem like a lot of time but picking out all the finishes for your home can be time-consuming if you aren’t ready.

How long do I have to make my final selections?

Our building process doesn’t begin until your final selections are made so that we can assure that the building process goes seamlessly. During your design studio appointment, you will be provided with a timeline for making final decisions on all of your home’s options.

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