11 Most Frequently Asked Questions about our New Construction Homes


Our Agents frequently receive the same questions from prospective buyers regarding their future homes in our Cook Residential Communities.  While each neighborhood can vary among several aspects, we have composed the most common questions and answer for you to review.

1. Can I have a shed or outbuilding on my property?

Most subdivisions will allow the homeowner to have an outbuilding, but each subdivision is governed by it’s own Community Covenants and Restrictions.  Typically, the shed or outbuilding will have to be constructed of the same material as the house.

2. Can we customize the floor plan and/or configuration, like move an existing wall?

Small alterations maybe allowed to accommodate each buyer, however, numerous changes will require the buyer to sit down with our team to create a custom home plan for construction.

3. Is the builder negotiable with pricing?

NO — the builder makes every effort to maintain the value of not only your home but the values of all the homes in the subdivision by not negotiating prices.

4. Does the price include the lot?

Yes, unless we are building you a custom home on your own lot.

5. How long will it take to build?

Slab foundations usually take between 90-120 days and basement foundations take around 120-135 days to construct.  However, delays such as weather, governmental codes, and permitting can delay that time frame.  Bare in mind that those estimates are based on our average 3000 sq. ft. build size.  A 6000 sq. ft.  home can take longer.

6. Are the appliances included?

Most homes include the range, microwave, and dishwasher.  Please ask your agent about a specifics for the home you are interested in buying.

7. How many walk thru’s will it take to build?

We require three walk-thrus during the construction process. The first is conducted after the lot is graded.  The second is after we frame the home, and the third and final walk-thru takes place at completion.  We also conduct a pre-offer walk to cover any concerns with the buyer before going under contract.

8. Do your homes have a warranty?

All Cook Residential homes come with a 1 Year Builder Warranty at the time of closing.  That information is covered in detail at the closing table.

9. Can we finance our upgrades?

When choosing upgrades please remember that we require 50% of the cost of the upgrades at selection when you use our preferred lender or 100% of the cost of the upgrades you use a lender that is not our preferred lender partner.  You can ask your Lending Officer specific questions about financing options for upgrades or any expense incentives.

10. Does the builder offer any incentives?

The builder may occasionally offer incentives to potential buyers that have registered at one of our properties. These are typically good for a specific time and specific property.

11. Do we get to pick out all of our colors and styles?

Yes — As long as your selections are in the conformity with the style of the subdivision and as long as they are selected before the particular selections are installed in the house.  We occasionally will go back and replaced installed features for selections but that is the exception to the rule, not the norm.

If you have any specific questions or questions we did not cover, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one or our agents who would love the opportunity to answer your questions. Call today at 678-207-1500 or email us at info@cook-residential.com.

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