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The care and maintenance of a new home is a continual process. If you ever have an issue with your new Cook home, please let us know. We work to analyze and correct any issue arising from materials or workmanship. Our reputation is built from 20 years of responsive service and we continue to stand behind the high value promise of each and every home we build.
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If you have not received the email or have any questions once accessing the site, please feel free to call us at 678-207-1500 during business hours for further assistance.

Warranty Procedures

No warranty claim will be considered unless entered into Cook Residential’s Online Warranty Portal with a picture of the issue and the page number that defines the issue from the Homeowners Handbook. DO NOT REPORT WARRANTY ISSUES TO ANY COOK RESIDENTIAL ASSOCIATE. Again, all warranty claims must be submitted online. In addition, each claim must be entered separately. This allows Cook Residential to assign a warranty claim number to each issue and track with individual subcontractors.


Emergency Issues
Homeowner may contact major mechanical services (electric, plumbing and HVAC) directly in an emergency. However, also notify Cook Residential of all emergency issues. Notification is done by inputting warranty claims to Cook Residential’s Online Warranty Portal. Only Emergency Issues are addressed by Cook Residential before the 11th month of Homeownership.


Non-emergency Issues
It is natural for your home to settle after construction. We allow for one heating and cooling cycle to occur. You will discover issues with the home. For example, it is natural for caulk to separate. Cook Residential has provided you with an 11-month warranty sheet under. Please mark any issues you discover on this list. Please note the issue, location of the issue, date the issue was first discovered and please include the page number that corresponds with the issue from the Homeowner Handbook. Homeowner must enter all 11-month warranty claims online at the 11th month of homeownership.

  • Builders One Year Warranty covers all major components except landscape and appliances. Appliances have 90-day manufacturer warranties – please complete manufacturer warranty registration and send to manufacturer. Report appliance issues directly to manufacturer. NO LANDSCAPE IS WARRANTIED. Homeowner must water all grasses, shrubberies, vegetation and plantings. It is the Homeowners responsibility to establish grass at all seeded/strawed areas and maintain pine straw/vegetation on sloped areas. You will have run-off issues if you do not maintain these areas.


Please note the most common corrective actions that are included during your one-year builders’ warranty:

– Interior caulking issues that are 1/8th of an inch in width will be handled at one time during the 11-month repair period.

– Concrete cracking will occur. Non-structural cracks over 1/8th of an inch will be sealed at one time during the 11-month repair period.

  • Any termite issues to be reported directly to Team Pest USA. Termite Repair and Retreat Bond is for 1 year. Renewal is the buyer’s option.


Again, concerning Emergency Issues on major mechanical items, please contact mechanical companies directly. However, notify Cook Residential using Online Warranty Portal.

HVAC Issues: Stuart Mechanical (770) 813-1316


Electrical Issues: Copper Electric (678) 482-0322


Plumbing Issues: DEW Plumbing (678) 482-1222


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