Service For The Life Of Your Home

The care and maintenance of a new home is a continual process. If you ever have an issue with your new Cook home, please let us know. We work to analyze and correct any issue arising from materials or workmanship. Our reputation is built from 20 years of responsive service and we continue to stand behind the high value promise of each and every home we build.

Extensive Warranty Program –

Cook Residential provides an extensive warranty program to address the needs of our new homeowners. Any problems derived from the workmanship and construction will be covered. Your home’s warranty also covers doors and windows, electrical wiring, fixtures and more. We will provide you with a complete warranty breakdown during your New Owner Orientation. This step provides you with the knowledge you need to maintain your home and ensure that your home lasts a lifetime.

For Warranty Service

To improve your home warranty experience and to provide top notch customer care, we have established an online warranty claim portal where you can easily submit 24/7. Before submitting a claim, please refer to the Warranty Book you received at Closing for detail information about warranty service.

After closing, you should receive a separate email invitation that will prompt you to create a username and a password. From there, you can access your homeowner dashboard for future warranty claims and service.


Warranty Portal

Learn More about our Warranty Portal with our Tutorial Video


If you have not received the email or have any questions once accessing the site, please feel free to call us at 678-207-1500 during business hours for further assistance.



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