Quick Tips to Maintain Your New Sod

Making the decision to purchase a new construction home can be exciting and overwhelming all at the same time.  There is a great feeling knowing that you are about to move into a home where everything is completely new.  After going through the financing paperwork and closing process — the first thing many buyers want and need to do is just move in and relax!

However, there are a few details of purchasing a new construction home that is a bit different than purchasing a home that has previously been occupied.  One of those things in maintaining the quality of your landscaping for future growth for years to come.

Talking to the Experts

Essential Watering for Dormant SodCook recently spoke with Mark Bullock of Select Landscape Group to ask him about best practices on maintaining new sod installed at our new construction homes.  Mark talked to us about the need to water lawns that were installed in late fall and over the winter in the same manner as new sod during the spring.

Mark stated that “sodded Yards installed during those time frames have dormant sod that hasn’t developed a root system.  So, it is important to remember to water like new laws during the spring until they are fully green.” His advice is to water your lawn just like a completely green lawn would be watered during later spring or early summer once the grass starts to turn green by the slightest amount.

Mark reminded us that as the turf starts to come out of dormancy, any period of 75-degree weather or warmer without consistent rainfall or watering will result in dead spots just as it would in the summer if no water was applied at installation.

“Once the grass begins to root, it can tolerate longer periods without water.  Once the seams have grown together and a normal mowing schedule is occurring, watering can be cut back to about ½ inch per week.”

Keeping your sod in top shape and having that yard that is the envy of the neighborhood requires consistent and diligent watering during the green-up period is essential for the lawn to grow in from winter.

About Select Landscape Group

Mark Bullock and Tim Szymanski, owners of Select Landscape Group, met when they both were working for a large restaurant chain in the 1990’s.  They attended landscape seminars, irrigation classes, fertilization classes, and joined landscaping associations in metro Atlanta to educate themselves in the industry.  That, combined with their experience of installing or redesigning thousands of properties over the last ten years has exposed them to virtually every situation one might encounter in this line of work.

Tips to Water Your YardSelect Landscape Group is proud to have licensed erosion control specialists, irrigation installers, and crew foreman with over 10 years’ experience in commercial and residential landscape as a part of the team.

Select Landscape Group serves much of Northeast Georgia, including Gwinnett, Fulton, Cobb, Forsyth, Barrow, Hall, Oconee, Jackson, Athens-Clarke & Walton County.  For your protection and confidence, Select Landscape Group is a fully licensed and insured landscape company.

For more information about Select Landscaping Group or their additional service, you can check them out on their website at selectlandscapegroup.com or give them at call at 678-201-6548.

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