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Join Cook Residential as we host FREE CE Classes in Gainesville and Winder during the month of October.

Cook Residential is excited to team up with Cook Academy of Real Estate to host two FREE CE Classes that get to the basics of Real Estate!  Each of these events covers ways for Agents to succeed at working with both buyers and sellers in this current market.

We welcome agents to participate in the comfortable setting of some of our best model homes across North Georgia to take advantage of FREE 3 HR CE Courses with a complimentary catered lunch brought to you by our sponsors.

Take a look at the next upcoming opportunities:

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Winning with Sellers October 19th at Grant Station

Winning with Sellers CE Class | Grant Station | Gainesville, GA | Cook Residential

Join us at Grant Station on October 19 from 11 am to 3 pm for a FREE CE Class with Lunch.  During the course- learn about the Seven-Step Seller Service Cycle, emphasizing the models, systems, and techniques proven by top agents!

  • Maximize the models that will propel your listing business forward and provide a sturdy foundation for growth.
  • Fill your pipeline with leads and appointments by learning prequalification, conversion, pre-listing, and other techniques that create clients for life.
  • Learn how to identify areas for growth of your seller business and how to improve constantly over time.
  • Get into the habit of tracking your numbers so you can monitor your business growth and set goals.
  • Learn the top seller objections, master scripts top agents use to handle them, and learn how to eliminate them altogether.
  • Create clients for life by providing an excellent customer experience, for your sellers and the buyers you meet while servicing your sellers.

PLUS — Get a Sneak Peak of Cook Residential’s newest decorated model home — The Oconee — before our big Grand Opening event on Saturday, Oct. 21st!  There will also be door prize opportunities after the class for one more bonus to the agents that participate! RSVP today! For questions contact to

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Winning with Buyers October 24th at Mulberry Estates

Winning with Buyers CE Class | Mulberry Estates | Winder, GA | Cook ResidentialJoin us for 3 FREE CE Credits in Winder, GA  at our beautiful model home in Mulberry Estates on October 24th from 11 am to 3 pm with a catered lunch sponsored by Homestar Financial.  Agents can learn the best practices, habits, and techniques that helped buyer masters rise to the top. Learn their secrets of success so you too can build a high-level buyer business. You will learn:

  • The models and systems to improve your level of service and become more efficient when working with any type of buyer.
  • How to fill your pipeline with an unlimited amount of leads by learning how to use the lead sheet so you can quickly convert phone calls into appointments.
  • How to create a value proposition tailored to best meet your buyers’ needs.
  • How to develop the habit of tracking your numbers so you can monitor your business growth.
  • How to quickly identify communication styles so you can communicate with your buyer in the way they best understand.
  • How to overcome buyer objections and master scripts top agents use to handle them.
  • Create clients for life by providing excellent service from A to Z, for your buyers and vendor partners.

There will also be door prize opportunities after the class for one more bonus to the agents that participate! RSVP today!  For more information contact

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Learn more about Agent Specials and Incentives this fall with Cook Residential by Checking out our Agents Autumn in the Air Campaign!


For More Information:

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